They Knew How To Say Things…


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Samuel Adams is one of my favorite American Founding Fathers. The risks those people took and the passion they had for creating a new nation built as a Constitutional Republic is awe inspiring.

Were they perfect people? Of course not. What they were was courageous and brilliant (most of them). Take a look at the massive amounts of writings they left behind. Their words, like the following quote I am including, stir the imagination.

Does anyone even know how to put together sentences like this, anymore? Sam Adams the rabble rouser…

Have a great day and God bless.


It’s Been A While


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It can be… challenging, to say the least, to think anyone out there in cyberworld really wants to see anything I type. 🙂 But I will give it a go, once more.

Even if I am inconsistent, it is better than nothing, eh?

One thing I am becoming passionate about is looking more closely at the writings of the Founding Fathers of the USA. They were passionate themselves. And brilliant.

One of my favorite Founding Fathers, the inimitable Samuel Adams.

Until next time, and hopefully sooner!


By they way, you can find me on the conservative social media site – USA.Life! I look forward to seeing you there.

2019 Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo Article is Now Published


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My latest article in The Fence Post magazine is about the recent Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo and their hard work in putting on a pair of rodeo performances on Saturday alone.  For a town with a population of just 1,400, it is an amazing feat to see them host about 5,000 people in the stands and on the grounds over those two Saturday performances.

Colorado barrel racer Shali Lord explodes into the third barrel on her way to a 16.14-second time on Sunday afternoon’s round of rodeo action at the 2019 Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo in Elizabeth, CO. Lord’s time was just .01 seconds behind Amy Jo Reisdorfer’s and Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi’s winning time of 16.13 seconds.

A LOT more photos should be in the print edition coming out this coming Monday (June 24, 2019).

Comprehensive Equine Dentistry – Part 2


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My most recent article in The Fence Post magazine is now out on their website. It is Part Two of the comprehensive equine dentistry article, which focuses on myths and misconceptions. 

You can find Part 2 on their website here

While a horse is sedated, has its mouth opened with a specula, and resting its head on a padded platform, Dr. Kari Sanderson uses a motorized disc tool to take off points and sharp edges on the teeth. The tool allows more control and better precision than hand rasps, along with being more gentle to the teeth.

Comprehensive Equine Dentistry


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I am putting together a two-part article about modern equine dentistry and the benefits of it, along with myths and misconceptions. Part One is out now on the website of The Fence Post magazine. It will also be in The Fence Post’s print edition this week (May 20, 2019).

Click here to see the article on The Fence Post’s website.

15-year-old Camelot is stalled, sedated, and looked after by vet technician Marisa DeMattia while Dr. Kari Sanderson (seated) performs a comprehensive oral exam before working on the horse’s teeth. Advance Equine Dentistry encourages horse owners to be present and watch everything that is happening in the exam, in order to be better educated about equine oral health and to see their horse’s mouths in person. Camelot’s owner, Dr. Tamarah Rodrigeuz (bottom right), was present for the appointment.

Colorado Railroad Museum Photos…


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I have put together an article for The Fence Post magazine about the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO. It should run in the upcoming May 13, 2019 edition, as well as on their website.

The following are a number of photos taken during my visit to the museum. It is a great place to experience authentic Colorado history of the narrow gauge railroads.

The historic Engine 346 at the Colorado Railroad Museum takes visitors on a loop around the museum’s 15-acre property. The 1881 steam locomotive is a way for visitors to reach back in time and experience a bit of Colorado in the late 1800’s.
The Denver & Rio Grande diesel engine 5771 sits on the grounds at the Colorad Railroad Museum in Golden, CO. The bright yellow engine is recognizable from its days powering the Rio Grande Zephyr passenger train between Denver and Salt Lake City from 1971 to 1983. It also powered the famous “ski train” for a number of years.
The bright red Caboose 49 from the Denver& Rio Grande Railroad beckons visitors to take a look inside. Quite a few of the rail cars on the 15-acre property of the Colorado Railroad Museum are open for visitors to examine.
William Henry Jackson is one of the most respected landscape photographers of the American Wes. In 1869 Jackson won a commission from the Union Pacific to document the scenery along the various railroad routes for promotional purposes. The Colorado Railroad Museum currently has an exhibit about William Henry Jackson that ncludes quite a few of his stunning photographs. The exhibit is scheduled to run through the rest of 2019.
The interior of an 1881 Jackson and Sharp coach car which is pulled behind the Colorado Railroad Museum’s 1881 steam locomotive for visitors riding the loop around the 15-acre property. The experience brings the late 1800’s to life for those riding the train.
The Colorado Railroad Museum’s store is located inside the Depot Museum, where railroad related items, gifts, clothing, and toys can be purchased to help support the mission of the museum.
A 1930’s rail car (built by Cadillac) that was part of the Manitou & Pike’s Peak Railway is part of the 15-acre display of historic Colorado railroad items at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO.
A “Garden Scale Model” of the popular Thomas the Tank Engine rolls over the rails within the detailed grounds laid out and hand built over several decades by the Denver Garden Railroad Society. “G Scale” railroad trains are built to represent real trains and the Colorado Railroad Museum’s garden railroad features tunnels, bridges, plants, trees, houses, churches, businesses, etc. It is a popular location inside the grounds of the railroad museum located in Golden., CO.

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad…


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Lincoln photographing a historic locomotive engine at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO. Photo courtesy of Donald Tallman, Executive Director of the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Well… a railroad story, actually!

I am currently working on a story and photos regarding the Colorado Railroad Museum, and Donald Tallman (the Executive Director of the museum) generously sent me this photo he took of me photographing one of the engines on the 15-acre property in Golden, CO.

What a great place to visit! I had an enjoyable time talking with the people there, as well as touring the expansive grounds and photographing all kinds of railroad engines and railroad cars from different eras. I even had a chance to ride in an 1881 coach, while an 1881 steam engine pulled us around the loop on the property. Really cool. The hands-on, experiential history of the state and of the railroad industry that was so crucial to Colorado in those days (especially the narrow gauge railroads), is on full display for all to see there at the museum. I highly recommend it, if you are in the area.

I hope to have the story and photos finished within the next couple of weeks and published in The Fence Post magazine. Thanks for the photo Donald Tallman!

So What Did You Do On Your Day Off?


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Probably not what Colorado bareback cowboy Casey Colletti did this past Saturday (April 13, 2019)…

Casey Colletti wasn’t in the lineup of competitors for the 2019 Rodeo All Star event held in Denver, CO over the weekend of April 12-13, 2019. But when one of the contestants couldn’t make it, rodeo organizers called Colletti at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday to see if he could drive up from Pueblo, CO and ride some bucking broncs against some of the best competition in the sport.

Forget chores and spring cleaning, Colletti grabbed his gear and arrived in time for the 2:30 p.m. afternoon rodeo. Not content to just show up, Colletti won the afternoon round with an 84-point ride to advance to Saturday night’s championship round where, you guessed it, he rode another bronc for 87 points to win the Saturday night round and move into a head to head match-up against three-time PRCA world champion Will Lowe for a chance at an extra $5,000.00 and the 2019 Rodeo All Star title.

“I’m just happy to be here,” said a smiling Colletti after winning the round on Saturday night and getting ready to ride against Will Lowe for the title. “Being able to go against three time world champion Will Lowe in a shoot out, head to head format.  This is the kind of stuff we live for, you know what I mean?”

In the head to head round, Colletti beat his earlier scores with an 88-point ride on his third bucking bronc of the day. That’s right. Not one bucking bronc, which would send most people crawling to their chiropractor, but three bucking broncs in a single afternoon and evening. Even though his impressive 88 points in the head to head round fell short of Will Lowe’s stunning 90-point ride for the Rodeo All Star title, it is safe to say Colletti’s planned day off was a bit more productive than any of ours.