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Yeah, okay… it sounds like a reach, putting a dessert spread in the same category as photography.  I know.  But bear with me.  There’s a point to this.

My wife and I kept hearing all the time about this Nutella spread.  People rave about it (all over the place) and it seems like it’s the biggest thing since sliced bread (I can hear the shouting now – “Sliced bread covered with NUTELLA!”).

See what I mean?

So we finally decided to see what the fuss was really all about.  As a background, we’re not huge on being trendy or hip just for the sake of trendy or hip.  We never owned a pet rock (just Google that, it’s hard to explain how that happened) and we don’t stand in line for the new release of ANYTHING.  I mean… if something is popular and good, they’ll make more.  Why camp out in line just so you can pay extra to be one of the first?

So the Nutella spread was opened at home and…. yeah.  We see what the fuss is about!  It makes us want to tell others about it and put it in recipes and enjoy it whenever we can.  In other words, we just became passionate about Nutella.


And that’s the similarity to photography.

Say what?

Yes.  You have to be passionate about photography or it just doesn’t work.  Like taste buds and Nutella, if you’re not excited and passionate about photography – to the point of wanting to tell others about it and looking forward to enjoying it whenever you can – then it won’t work for you.  Your images will always be just-not-quite-there and others will never seem to care enough about your work to want to hang it in their home.

Is skill important?  Yes.  Is a born-with-it creativity important?  Yes.  Is the right equipment and experience important to turning out excellent work?  Again… yes.  But without passion, what’s the point?  You’ll just be going through the motions and it will show in your work.

So before you pick up that camera and take it out to shoot some photographs, ask yourself a few questions.

Do I WANT to photograph this?  Am I EXCITED about photographing this?  Is that camera something I look FORWARD to spending hours, days, months, years, etc. figuring out and using to push my own creativity to new levels?  If you answered “meh” or “I don’t know” or even “no” to any of those questions, then put the camera down and get on with your life.  You’ll thank me later, believe me.  But if you answered “YES!” to all those questions, then get out there and start making delicious recipes of pixels and colors for everyone to enjoy.  Because if YOU love what you’re doing with your camera, there’s a good chance others will, too.

Now excuse me… I have to go grab another spoonful of Nutella.

Have a great day and don’t let your horse come home without ya!


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