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C’mon… admit it.  It’s nice to have your art recognized by other people.  I mean, hearing from your family and close friends is one thing.  It’s nice, but what else are they going to say?  Hearing from complete strangers is an entirely different matter.  They’ve got “no dog in the hunt,” so to speak.  If a stranger likes your work and lets you know, that’s something to breathe in and enjoy.

That being said, I had one of my Fine Art photos take 3rd place in an internal artists competition on the Fine Art America website.  There’s no money at stake, it’s just bragging rights and a self-esteem boost.  But that’s not so bad.

The website where the winners were posted is here.  Thanks for taking a look.

Here also, is the link to a larger image of my 3rd place winning entry to the contest.

Have a great day and don’t let your horse come home without ya!