This is some very good information, both about how to protect your email and how to avoid hiding out from this world of technology. Thanks to Sharon Cummings for this.

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SCAMS!! A recent FAA scam produced the advice for us to not to put our emails online anywhere. While this will definitely reduce the amount of scam/spam emails you get, it is not going to work for those of us who want to sell originals and commissions.

Emails were created so people could contact you on the Internet. I would not sell originals and commissions if I did not post it online. I have had my email posted everywhere for over 10 years and I have never gotten scammed. Have I gotten scam emails? ALL OF THE TIME…many a day!! Instead of saying do not post your emails anywhere which has been vital to my sales…I’d say to be smart about the emails you answer.

*First of all just my quick 2 cents…rarely is anything really “urgent”…that is your first clue to be cautious. Also look for poor grammar…

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