Always nice when someone takes the time to do some in-depth research! Great blog post for Thanksgiving Day.

Carl Anthony Online

Fiddling is fine for that old standard Turkey in the Straw, but not for that standard old turkey on Thanksgiving.

Maybe a need to grab attention is what drives the effort to say what’s always been fact is actually myth, or likely untrue. Or, at least cannot be proven.

Yes, of course it is quite likely that the Pilgrims ate that ye olde side-dish of yore, friend cornmeal mush. From every account there was more cornmeal than they really knew what to do with.

But no, it is not unlikely that the Pilgrims did not serve turkey on the first Thanksgiving.

Deconstructing history is necessary to make the arcane contemporary. Revising an old tale is wise when some who contributed to an event were studiously ignored in its first telling.

In radical departure from its cultural watersheds like Ice Truckers, Swamp People, and Garbage Hoarders, The History Channel

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