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Lincoln Rogers’ online Fine Art Gallery

Yep!  It’s officially the holiday time of year.  Thanksgiving just finished up (and I’m still daydreaming about my wife’s amazing caramel pecan pie, but I digress) and now it seems everyone is looking forward to the Christmas season.  From children to families to adults to retail stores, the Christmas season is high on people’s lists, albeit for many different reasons.

Me?  I love this time of year for a number of reasons.  (1) The reason behind it relates to the love of God for the entire world through sending us His only son, Jesus Christ (hence the name, Christmas).  That’s a potent message all by its lonesome.  (2) Most people seem to be a little more willing to smile, more willing to display manners and show a thoughtfulness and charity towards others that isn’t there the rest of the year.  (3) Christmas music starts playing, and it includes all of the above (at least my favorites do!)

The whole shopping thing?  It’s not one of my reasons and I think we can agree that’s gotten just a bit out of hand.  Christmas was never meant to be commercial or material.  It wasn’t meant to bring a business’ ledger into the “black” on “Friday,” nor was it designed to make people think of stuff instead of each other.

Now, I could ask you to buy my artwork for Christmas because it’s that time of year and, well… ‘cuz you should!  But if you decide to buy or not buy, that’s up to you and whether you love it enough to buy it.  I just want to wish you an incredible holiday season that is filled with blessings and love for family and everyone you come in contact with this season.

Have a great day and don’t let your horse come home without ya!