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Uh, no… I don’t enjoy the snow and cold this much.

Soooo…  I’m tapping the thermometer inside the house that measures the outside temperature because it CAN’T be minus eleven degrees outside right now.  Right?  This is the third evening in a row with temps at minus ten or more, and I’m procrastinating about heading out to the barn to make sure the horses’ water buckets (heated, of course) are in good shape and their blankets are fitting correctly.

Now before I get any responses from the good folks who endure crazy freezing temperatures in Montana, North Dakota, Alaska and/or Canada (you can’t be human – you came from an alien race that left a dying, frozen planet), this doesn’t happen in the Denver, Colorado area.  Sure, we get cold snaps, but it typically bounces right back after a couple of days to blue skies and reasonably comfortable temps.  Instead, it appears we’re stuck with this arctic cold front for a few more days.

At least the fox will enjoy it…