An inspiring message from someone who has been there, done that.

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings



I am not an alcoholic.  In fact, I rarely drink and when I do I am such a lightweight it is laughable. A half a glass of wine and I am good.  However, I have done a 12 step program.  I am a recovered Bulimic.  Bulimia is a form of food addiction.  I have not binged/purged in over 20 years.  It was a long and difficult journey and I got some professional help too.  

These days I have a very healthy outlook on food and even at Thanksgiving keep my portions to what is right for my body.  I no longer crave the physical pain of overeating to mask the emotional pain from childhood abuse.  When I feel hurt, I grab a paint brush instead of a cookie. I am healed.

The Serenity Prayer was a big part of my recovery and I still repeat it…

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