One of our horses is a goofball.


Yep, that’s him in action!  Whether he is entertaining us, chewing the barn apart, bending the rails of his horse pen, leaning all over our fences, or anything else, it is always something.

A few days ago, he came hobbling into the barn after being out in the pasture and it was clear there was something majorly wrong with his left hind leg.  After inspection, I noticed an object protruding from the bottom of his hoof.  A pair of pliers and a few interesting attempts later, this thing came out…


Yeah, that’s the tip of a deer antler that managed to pierce the sole of his hoof and embed itself 1.5 inches deep, straight into the sole.  Poor guy.  Freak occurrence, of course.  One you would never see coming.

But that’s life.  There are always “things you never see coming.”  What is most important is how you deal with those things.

Along those lines, there have been some things going on in my writing and photography world that took me by surprise.  As I watch our horse heal up and take it all in stride (pun intended, I suppose), I’m going to learn a lesson from him and do the same.  (Proverbs 3:5-6 has some thoughts along those lines)

Always double check your cinch and have a great day!

Lincoln Rogers