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Dr. Temple Grandin takes a brief pause while signing books after a well-attended speech at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

Do you have a mental list of people (or maybe just a person) that you heard about/read about and wanted to meet? Dr. Temple Grandin was one of those people on my list. Years ago, after watching a movie about her life – Temple Grandin – I discovered she was a professor at Colorado State University and thought it would be awesome to meet her one day. That day arrived this past weekend when she was a featured speaker at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

After she spoke to the large group and signed books afterward, as well as talked to each and every one of her many admirers at the event, I was able to sit down and have a conversation with Dr. Grandin about her thoughts and opinions regarding cattle, horses, and the progress that has been made inside the livestock industry in handling them in a more humane fashion. That conversation will be included in several upcoming articles for publication, of course, but that wasn’t the best part of being able to sit down and talk with her.

Dr. Grandin is a remarkable person. Period. Her impact upon the beef industry is gigantic, and her life story is an inspiration to those with autism, as well as to anyone who appreciates an underdog story of great achievement against all the odds.

I was blessed to have those twenty minutes one-on-one with Dr. Grandin. She was everything I hoped she would be when I originally wanted to meet her almost ten years ago.

I hope you will get to meet the person or people on your list.