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The meteorologists in Colorado are saying we are going to get hit with a big blizzard tomorrow (Weds March 13). It sounds like it is going to be about a foot of snow and 50+ mph winds. People went nuts at the stores in preparation. I heard customers at a grocery store talking about how “horrible” it was at a nearby big box store due to the mobs of people and their accompanying rudeness.

It’s just snow, right? In Colorado, we’ve seen this all before. It’s not the end of the world. In fact, if you can bend your mind around the concept, the snow is a blessing. We need the moisture and a lot of families will be able to spend time with each other, since businesses and schools have already announced they are closing for the day.

So, in honor of the beautiful white stuff we’ll see blowing through tomorrow…

Living Word Devotional. Image copyright Lincoln Rogers – All rights reserved.

God bless, be safe, and have a great day.