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I am putting together a two-part article about modern equine dentistry and the benefits of it, along with myths and misconceptions. Part One is out now on the website of The Fence Post magazine. It will also be in The Fence Post’s print edition this week (May 20, 2019).

Click here to see the article on The Fence Post’s website.

15-year-old Camelot is stalled, sedated, and looked after by vet technician Marisa DeMattia while Dr. Kari Sanderson (seated) performs a comprehensive oral exam before working on the horse’s teeth. Advance Equine Dentistry encourages horse owners to be present and watch everything that is happening in the exam, in order to be better educated about equine oral health and to see their horse’s mouths in person. Camelot’s owner, Dr. Tamarah Rodrigeuz (bottom right), was present for the appointment.