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When you go to a rodeo, you know you will be entertained by the action inside the arena, but a good barrelman/rodeo clown can also light up the crowd.

The award winning Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo in Elizabeth, CO has a great funnyman in JW Winklepleck. He provides color and flair to every performance and doesn’t trot out the same stale jokes. He does a great job of helping the audience have an even better time at each performance.

Rdoeo barrelman J.W. Winklepleck entertains the sold-out crowd and the assisting pickup man by starting a new sport of Arena Boarding on Saturday afternoon at the 2021 Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo in Elizabeth, CO.

In front of Saturday afternoon’s sold out crowd, Winklepleck determined to “start a new extreme sport of Arena Boarding.” With the assistance of an amused pickup man, Winklepleck boarded the arena sand behind the true meaning of horsepower.

A good time was had by all.

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