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As a photographer, I am not shooting a rodeo just for the cowboys and cowgirls. No siree.

I love photographing the animal athletes at least as much, if not more, than the contestants.

Just don’t tell the contestants I said that! 🙂

Summit Pro Rodeo Company always — and I mean A-L-W-A-Y-S — brings incredible animal athletes to the rodeos where they provide the stock. I know I will get great photographs when I see their name on the information sheets.

It wasn’t just the rodeo cowboys that were the athletes inside the arena at the 2021 Elizabeth Stampede. The bucking stock brought by Summit Pro Rodeo Company, like Lakota Park bucking off Mason Snyder, was also worth the price of admission.

I love shooting the bucking broncs no matter if the cowboy is aboard or not!

Great to see ALL the athletes taking part in the 2021 Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo in Elizabeth, CO. There is a reason that small town rodeo has won so many awards. Summit Pro Rodeo Company is certainly a part of those reasons…

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