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I hate it when a project is going along smoothly, and then… BOOM. The bottom drops out.

I was sitting the saddle of my riding lawnmower and cruising the easements between our property and the neighbors. It was a nice evening and the grass was cutting well and then… BOOM!

The deck drive belts that propel the blades gave up the ghost. One belt blew out and the other was in bad shape. The original manufacturer belts were made of kevlar, so they lasted almost 20 years. I really can’t complain about that, but the easements with their strips of long grass looked like a 5-year-old got hold of a pair of scissors and cut his own hair. And I had to leave them like that.

Image by Lincoln Rogers, all rights reserved.

I’ve performed most of the maintenance on our riding lawnmower myself, but I’ve never had to replace the deck drive belts. First time for everything, right?

Yeah, well… it took a few days of figuring.

Figuring out where to get replacement belts for a decades old riding mower. Figuring out how to detach the mower deck and bring it out from under the mower. Figuring out how to replace the belts in the correct alignment. Figuring.

What should have been 3+ hours of a job well done turned into 3+ days, instead. It was my bad. I hadn’t been regularly checking the status of those drive belts on my riding mower. They had been doing just fine for about 20 years, so I took them for granted. If I had stopped to take time and examine them on a regular basis, I would have realized they weren’t in good shape.

Sometimes issues in life are just like that. We think things are going along smooth and then… BOOM. The bottom drops out. And most times, it is our bad. We didn’t stop and take time to examine the important things in our life. We took them for granted.

Maybe this mechanical issue with my riding lawnmower will remind me to stop on a regular basis and examine the more important things in my life. Like my relationships — with God, with my wife, and with my friends. Am I spending the time to keep those relationships in good shape?

Or will the bottom drop out?

God knows what the important things in life are, and exactly what we need. Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

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