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Here in semi-arid Colorado, the Yucca plant can be a nuisance. Oh, I see them often for sale on landscape business lots and in lawn and garden stores, but what people seem to want to purchase to plant around their suburban lawns, we will shovel out or mow down because there are too many.

Honestly, they grow out of control, take up space in our pastures that the horses could graze, and their blades are razor sharp. Yep, I have the scars on my arms and legs to prove it.

But then they flower and… well, then everything is forgiven.

Yucca plants flowering in June, 2021. The soft petals coming out in Colorado.

Kind of reminds me of people. There can seem to be too many, they can be bristly, sharp, and painful, and might even be seen as a nuisance.

But then they flower… and everything is forgiven.

Help your family and friends to flower; to blossom and grow where they are planted. Heck, even yourself. You never know… you might be a Yucca in someone else’s eyes.

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