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I had the pleasure of being able to visit the National Western Center/Complex in Denver, CO and take photos of the construction progress, as well as talk to a number of the spokespeople for the entities involved in the construction and expansion of the National Western Center grounds and buildings. Most people will know the location as the site where the historic National Western Stock Show takes place every January.

Construction in June 2021 at the National Western Center/Complex in Denver, CO.

What most people don’t know is how massive the scope and size of the expansion and construction project is. After a couple of hours on site, talking to the awesome spokespeople and taking photos of the construction progress, I felt like trying to absorb the information in front of me was akin to drinking water through a firehose!

There is so much going on, beyond just getting the new Stockyards Events Center ready for 2022’s National Western Stock Show and moving ahead with other construction. I have a lot of interview on tape and will be transcribing it ASAP.

I can’t wait to write a number of magazine articles about the progress of the 1.3 billion dollar expansion project and what it means for January 2022 at the National Western Stock Show.

It is impressive! More to come regarding this in the future.

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