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Did I mention in a previous post that having an image of mine be on a magazine cover never gets old? Well… it never gets old.

I had a great time covering the historic Rooftop Rodeo in gorgeous Estes Park, Colorado on July 08, 2021. Rodeo is so family oriented and such a traditional event. It is one of the reasons I like covering it so much. Displaying some of that family atmosphere about rodeo was Rooftop Rodeo Chairman Mark Purdy, as he talked with me and another photographer friend for a bit behind the scenes while holding his two-year-old granddaughter Caroline. I snapped a quick photo while we were talking and I thought it managed to capture the love of a grandpa for his grandchild.

As a pleasant surprise, so did The Fence Post magazine.

Lincoln Rogers’ photo of Rooftop Rodeo Chairman Mark Purdy and his two-year-old granddaughter Caroline on the cover of the July 19, 2021 issue of The Fence Post magazine.

Many thanks to The Fence Post magazine for choosing that image to be on their cover for the week of July 19, 2021.

Happy Flag Day fellow Americans!
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