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Pun-tastic headline aside, I learned a ton about mead this weekend as I spent time with the co-owners (Michael Fagan and DJ Kurtz) of a Colorado craft meadery in the town of Castle Rock who are making a name for themselves and their fast growing business: Honnibrook Craft Meadery.

Right now, I am in the beginning stages of putting together a magazine article about Honnibrook and its use of Colorado sourced honey to create their award winning meads. Kurtz and Fagan approach making their mead differently than most producers (i.e., 6.2% alcohol vs 10+% of most meads) and their techniques are also different. Their unique craft brewer approach is paying off with awards and surprising (in a good way) growth.

DJ Kurtz and Michael Fagan, co-owners of Honnibrook Craft Meadery, stand amid the equipment used to create a new batch of mead in their craft meadery located in Castle Rock, CO. Fagan (right) is next to a 55-gallon drum of Colorado-sourced honey that is being pumped and mixed with water and other ingredients to send to the fermentation tanks in order to create their award winning mead.

Fagan and Kurtz are two really nice guys who are incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about what they are doing and it shows in their product. They refuse to let anything get to the consumer that does not meet their own high approval standards for their mead. It was a lot of fun to interview them and take some photos while they were creating a new batch. I look forward to putting the article together.

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