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I had the opportunity (and good fortune) to be able to talk with a couple of great Colorado guys who have started a Mini Bull contracting operation. Best friends Duncan Cornell and Cory Hazen are good family men and Christian guys who used to bull ride and now own Bijou Buckers Mini Bulls out of Simla, CO.

My article and accompanying photography were published in The Fence Post magazine and the article is also on The Fence Post magazine’s website — https://www.thefencepost.com/news/eeny-meeny-mighty-minis/

Cory Hazen (far left) and Duncan Cornell (far right) head out on horseback with several of their children to gather their herd of Mini Bulls in order to get them ready for a September 2021 Mini Bull event in Colorado Springs the next day.

I enjoyed meeting them and talking with them while they were on the job and with their families.

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