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I have an article submitted that should be published soon about the construction on the three buildings comprising the CSU Spur campus located on the grounds of the National Western Center in Denver, CO. One is the Hydro building, which will be focused on water education, research, and issues.

An exterior shot of CSU Spur’s Hydro building under construction in September 2021. According to CSU Spur spokespeople, the Hydro building has connectivity down to the river and lots of flexible programming spaces. On the right side of the building is the start of what will be a signature circular staircase that is symbolic of a river eddy.

Another building is the Terra building, which will be focused on education, research, and issues regarding land and agriculture.

Amid the ongoing noise and activity of heavy machinery and construction, CSU Spur Director of Education Kathryn Venzor (foreground, left) describes the construction progress and purposes of the campus to a group touring the site. The building under construction in the background is the exterior of the Terra building, which will focus on land and agriculture.

The third building is the CSU Spur Vida building, which will be focused on human and animal health. Vida should be complete and ready to tour by the time the upcoming National Western Stock Show arrives in January of 2022. But that image will be a separate blog post in the future!

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