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Actually… it is both! Colorado Mead AND Colorado Honey.

My article with photography about Honnibrook Craft Meadery (in Castle Rock, CO) using premium Colorado honey from Lockhart Honey Farms for award winning success is now posted on The Fence Post magazine’s website.


DJ Kurtz (foreground) and Michael Fagan, co-owners of Honnibrook Craft Meadery in Castle Rock, CO, discuss their mead making process while premium monofloral Colorado honey from Lockhart Honey Farms flows from a 55-gallon drum into a tank that will blend the honey, water, yeast and other nutrients as it is pumped into large vats to create a new batch of craft mead. Open since 2019, Honnibrook has picked up numerous awards for its “light and refreshing” style of mead.

I had a great time talking with Kurtz and Fagan, as well as Leo and Laura Lockhart, for the article. Many thanks to all four for their courtesy and generosity with their schedules.

And in case you were wondering… the mead is excellent!

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