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A Pair of Related Colorado Companies Blaze a Trail by Taking What is Left Behind

Richer Lands Compost owner and manager Jonathan Whetstine (right) talks to an employee while the tractor creeps ahead during the turning of horse manure compost windrows. An Aeromaster turner is attached to the tractor and not only completely turns over the windrow, but also applies moisture and nutrients to the windrow while it does so.

A new article of mine is now out on the website of The Fence Post magazine and will be in their upcoming print edition (Monday May 02, 2022). Colorado Manure Hauling (CMH) and Richer Lands Compost are believed to be the only business combination in the country to perform the hauling and composting of equine waste to create a high-quality compost for commercial and residential use. While other businesses compost horse manure, they blend it with other organics. CMH and Richer Lands Compost look to be the only ones to use equine waste as a single-source for their final product.


I hope you enjoy the article and learning about how these Colorado companies are leading the way in creating high quality equine waste compost.

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