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Patriotism is just a love of your country and its founding principles. It seems people these days want to try and make it a divisive issue, but that’s all it really is. Tradition can play a large role in that love. Rodeo is full of tradition. It also makes a point to respect and honor the traditions and symbols of the USA. I love how much respect and honor the American flag receives at a rodeo performance, but there are also enduring glimpses of other iconic symbols of the USA. I saw this one last year before the start of the 2021 Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo’s Friday night Bull Riding competition.

A Bald Eagle made an appearance at the start of the Friday night bull riding at the 2021 Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo. It would be in the arena during the singing of the National Anthem.

Loved the moment. The majestic Bald Eagle caught in gorgeous sunset light. These kinds of moments are part of the reason I love the photographing the sport of rodeo.

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