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The Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo designates its Sunday afternoon performance as the “Red, White and Blue Rodeo” and it is a “Stars and Stripes” affair to honor local service men and women both past and present. They really do a nice job of showing honor and respect for those who have served in the military, as well as honoring the patriotic symbols that harken back to the founding principles of our country. They rocked the singing of the National Anthem by bringing out this Bald Eagle and holding it aloft while it flapped its wings during the closing lines of the anthem. It was an inspiring sight and environment and I loved capturing it with my camera.

A sold out Sunday afternoon crowd at the 2022 Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo were
treated to the sight of our nation’s National Bird, the Bald Eagle, held aloft near
the end of the singing of the National Anthem before the start of action inside
the arena. The third and last PRCA rodeo performance on Sunday afternoon
is the Stampede’s Red, White & Blue Rodeo.

How cool is that?

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