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One of my favorite rodeos — the Elizabeth Stampede in Elizabeth, CO — won the Mountain States Circuit title (again) for Rodeo of the Year, this time for the designation of Medium Rodeo of the Year.

Well deserved honor for all the good folks who put that rodeo together. Just from my vantage point of covering it for publication year in and year out since 2003, I can tell you it is a labor of love for all involved.

A group photo that includes award winning 2022 Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo board members, committee members, and a host of other volunteers plus royalty and contract personnel show their pride in celebrating the 35th year since the Elizabeth, CO rodeo officially joined the PRCA. The upper photo has them holding up three fingers with each hand, while the lower photo has them holding up five fingers with each hand to signify 35 years of PRCA rodeo. ~ Image by Lincoln Rogers, 2022

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