RMHE Photo Story is Online

The Fence Post magazine has published my Photo Story of the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. I hope you enjoy seeing it. along with reading the accompanying short blurb.

Just shooting from the hip… the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo (RMHE) has a completely different vibe than the National Western Stock Show (NWSS). While the NWSS is more western and ag in feel and presentation (along with just feeling big and important), the RMHE is a place where every aspect and discipline related to horses is in one place. Sometimes the RMHE can feel kind of jumbled (and a lot smaller), as a result, but if you are interested in horses, no matter what kind of interest, there is likely something at the RMHE for you to experience.

Thanks for reading and God bless.



Some Photos from the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Morgan, riding 12-year-old Reno, took part in the youth division of the Colorado Obstacle Challenge at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo on Saturday March 02, 2019.
Riders from the Blazing Saddles Drill Team from Elizabeth, CO took part in routines inside the Event Center at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, CO. The Expo held the 2nd annual Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Drill Team Showcase and Competition on Sunday March 03, 2019.
“Cricket,” a four year old gelding from Triple R Stables in Ohio, displayed his calm demeanor and excellent training inside the auction arena during the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo’s Select Sale on Saturday night (March 02, 2019). Cricket was the fifth horse in the arena and sold for $15,500.00.
The Rocky Mountain High Performance Equestrian Vaulters displayed their skills before the crowd during Saturday night’s Mane Event at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo at the National Western Center in Denver, CO.
The high seller of the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Select Sale was hip #21, a four year old gelding from Triple R Stables in Ohio named Lager. The beautiful and well trained palomino brought the high bid of $30,000.00 during the auction.
A big crowd of nearly 1,000 people showed up to hear Dr. Temple Grandin speak about how animals think on Sunday afternoon at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in the National Western Center in Denver, CO.
Stefanie Reinhardt from Crested Butte, CO showed “Doc” in a fun routine in the Mustang Days Freestyle Class at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. Reinhardt had Doc moving to the beat of Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” as well as taking a bow near the end of the routine.
A horse expo “petting zoo” wouldn’t be complete without a little white pony.

Someone I’ve Wanted to Meet…


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Dr. Temple Grandin takes a brief pause while signing books after a well-attended speech at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

Do you have a mental list of people (or maybe just a person) that you heard about/read about and wanted to meet? Dr. Temple Grandin was one of those people on my list. Years ago, after watching a movie about her life – Temple Grandin – I discovered she was a professor at Colorado State University and thought it would be awesome to meet her one day. That day arrived this past weekend when she was a featured speaker at the 2019 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

After she spoke to the large group and signed books afterward, as well as talked to each and every one of her many admirers at the event, I was able to sit down and have a conversation with Dr. Grandin about her thoughts and opinions regarding cattle, horses, and the progress that has been made inside the livestock industry in handling them in a more humane fashion. That conversation will be included in several upcoming articles for publication, of course, but that wasn’t the best part of being able to sit down and talk with her.

Dr. Grandin is a remarkable person. Period. Her impact upon the beef industry is gigantic, and her life story is an inspiration to those with autism, as well as to anyone who appreciates an underdog story of great achievement against all the odds.

I was blessed to have those twenty minutes one-on-one with Dr. Grandin. She was everything I hoped she would be when I originally wanted to meet her almost ten years ago.

I hope you will get to meet the person or people on your list.

Back in the Saddle…

I am one of those people that seem to have a hard time posting on a regular basis because I can’t imagine people may be interested in what I have to say. Despite that, I am climbing in the saddle, once more, in order to get some posts going on this blog. I enjoy what I do and want to share it with others. So here goes…. again!

Video of Miss Rodeo Colorado Horsemanship

I was able to put together a video of clips filmed during the Horsemanship phase of competition in the Miss Rodeo Colorado pageant that was held at the 2016 Greeley Stampede.

It is a basic compilation of clips filmed while the contestants went through their reining patterns, as well as the rail section of the contest.  My wife and I appreciated all the hospitality and help of the Miss Rodeo Colorado committee members, Miss Rodeo Colorado 2016 (Madelaine Mills), and the eight contestants vying for the title of Miss Rodeo Colorado 2017.

Have a great day and don’t let your horse come home without you!

Lincoln Rogers



Miss Rodeo Colorado Contestants Horse Around!

(Note:  This is the original, unedited version of the article I wrote up regarding the horsemanship competition phase of the Miss Rodeo Colorado pageant that took place at the Greeley Stampede arena on June 29, 2016.  I was dissatisfied with the cutting and rewriting choices made by the editor of the magazine to which it was submitted, so I wanted to post my original story of the event for people to read.  MANY THANKS to all the Miss Rodeo Colorado contestants and committee members for making our experience in covering the event so enjoyable.)

Web KelsieWinslow 169

Miss Rodeo Colorado Contestants Horse Around – Copyright Lincoln Rogers, 2016

The personality and poise of each Miss Rodeo Colorado (MRC) is on full display during the two-hundred-fifty-plus days she spends on the road meeting and greeting fans of all ages, but a big part of how she becomes the state’s rodeo queen comes from her ability to ride.

Every year, the MRC competition is held during the Greeley Stampede, and all eight finalists vying to be 2017’s Colorado queen showed up bright and early on Wednesday, June 29th  to test their horsemanship skills inside the Stampede’s arena in front of a trio of judges who kept track from the stands.  Although horsemanship is just one part of the overall competition, Wednesday morning’s mounted tests were important to every MRC hopeful.

“Horsemanship (points are) equally weighted with personality and appearance points,” said Tami Inskeep, MRC Secretary and member of the executive committee.  “The only difference is you earn points in personality and appearance in every event (speeches, interviews, appearances, etc.) but you can only earn the horsemanship points during this specific event.”

To test their depth of equine skills, fresh horses were supplied by Colorado’s Sombrero Ranches and each contestant drew from a jar to discover which horse they would ride for the reining pattern section of the event.  It didn’t stop there, however.  The reining pattern section would be followed by a rail section of riding, similar to competing in a show ring, and each MRC hopeful was required to ride a different mount in that event.  The ability to ride new and different horses is an important part of being a rodeo queen.

Web DrawingForHorses 008

“For most rodeos, when the girls travel, they are not on their own horse,” Inskeep explained.  “So that is the point of having eight horses they have never seen in this competition.  They will be riding them for the first time today.”

The best way to discover what each contestant was thinking before the horsemanship competition was to ask the current Miss Rodeo Colorado, Madelaine Mills, about her experience in 2015.

“Coming up to the pageant, I practiced a lot,” said Mills.  “I rode as many horses as I could get on.  Here, these girls will get on horses they have never been on before, and as Miss Rodeo Colorado, that is pretty much what you do at every rodeo.  So these girls have been riding as many horses as they can get on.  Sombrero Ranches does a great job of bringing quality horses for these girls.  They had great horses for us, last year.”

Web MountingUp 040

At the end of every participant’s reining pattern, they each rode to edge of the arena where the trio of judges was located.  Part of displaying horsemanship skill is dismounting and mounting, so the contestants would dismount and stand with their horse while they answered equine and tack related questions.  Handling questions and remaining poised while an unfamiliar horse nuzzles your hat or tries to walk away seemed to be part of the challenge.  After finishing the question and answer session, each contestant then mounted up and exited the arena on horseback.

Web MandiLarson 453B

Shortly after the last contestant finished her reining pattern and follow up questions, it was time to get a new horse and get back inside the arena.  Only this time, four MRC hopefuls rode at the same time for the rail section of the event.  In a show ring style of riding, the contestants all walked, trotted or loped their horses at the request of the judges.  When the first four were finished, the final four contestants took their turn inside the arena to do the same thing.

Web SierraKnodle 780

The horsemanship section then finished with a bang, as the contestants each galloped a fast Queen’s Run, smiling and waving, in front of the judges as the third and final ride of the event.  Several MRC hopefuls described the Queen’s Run as their favorite part of the event, and it was made even more exciting when contestant Mary Oulliber’s (Sedalia, CO) horse decided to buck and jump almost the entire way.  It couldn’t prevent her from smiling and waving, however.

Web MaryOulliberQueensRun 880B

“I was really just trying to keep his head up so he couldn’t get it down and buck,” said Oulliber afterward.  “And then I had to end up going to two hands and say, no, we’re not doing this today, and then go back to waving.  It was interesting, but actually it was a lot of fun.”

All the contestants concurred with how much they enjoyed the morning’s competition.

“It was absolutely fantastic,” said Sara Coblentz of Gunnison, CO.  “I thought it was really a great opportunity for everybody to get to ride three different horses.”

Web SaraCoblentz 362B

Everyone also agreed it was nerve-wracking.

“Yes!” they said in unison about being nervous throughout the morning.  The laughter among the group as they said it showed the camaraderie they developed over the last week.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Evergreen’s Sierra Knodle.  “I love all these ladies, so much.  It was really neat getting to ride with them, which, for most of us, is our favorite thing to do.  The horses were great and really well trained.  We’re really thankful they brought them today.”

Web LeavingTheArena 976

The horsemanship section was just one part of the Miss Rodeo Colorado pageant, which was slated to wrap up with a coronation of the 2017 queen on Friday, July 01, 2016.  You can find complete 2016 pageant results at the Miss Rodeo Colorado Facebook page

Story and Photos copyright Lincoln Rogers, 2016 – All rights reserved.

Results of competition after story went to press:

Winner to be 2017 Miss Rodeo Colorado:  Kelsie Winslow

1st Runner-up:  Sierra Knoble

2nd Runner-up:  Sara Coblentz


2016 Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo

Web BlazingSaddlesRedWhiteBlue 972

The Elizabeth Stampede’s Blazing Saddles drill team impressed the crowd with a patriotic routine during Sunday afternoon’s Red, White and Blue Rodeo (June 05, 2016).

My article and photos regarding the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo are online.  You can find the article here at The Fence Post magazine’s website and you can find more photos here on my Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy!

Lincoln Rogers


It comes in all shapes and sizes.  Beauty in nature is a source of great inspiration in our every day lives, or it can be, if we allow it.  It doesn’t have to be a grand scene of snow-capped mountains or sun-kissed ocean beaches.  Inspiration from nature can be found in the small, the normal, the “mundane,” if you will.  But only if you allow it entrance.

Inspiration tends to hit me where my faith resides.  When I am inspired, it typically sends me to the place where God touches my soul and stands knocking on the door of my heart.  I was inspired today, so I created a piece of inspirational art for my online gallery.

You can find it here.

Is anything inspiring you today?

Always double check your cinch and have a great day.