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Sometimes it’s easy to forget…

I look around at a merry atmosphere – Christmas music playing, the blessings of a warm house and plenty of food, the horses safe in the barn, good health and good relationships with family and friends.  In the cheerful bustle of the Christmas season, it can be easy to forget how many people struggle emotionally and psychologically during this time of year.

Why?  The reasons are legion.  People miss loved ones who are gone from their lives – the holidays remind them of family dysfunction and/or childhood abuse – addictive behaviors make frequent appearances during this stressful season – lack of positive/meaningful relationships create a feeling of withdrawal and loneliness – etc., etc., etc.

I have a Masters Degree in Counseling, along with being a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado for a number of years.  During my career as a therapist for troubled families, teens and abused children, I saw a lot of the “other side” of the holidays.  It’s real and it’s difficult. For those struggling during this time, there are several ways to stave off the holiday blues, including:

  • Begin a new tradition. Plan a family outing or vacation instead of spending the holidays at home.
  • Don’t succumb to holiday pressures. Feel free to leave an event if you aren’t comfortable and be willing to tell others, “I’m not up for this right now.”
  • Volunteer. Work at a soup kitchen, organize a gift drive, help a food pantry or simply help the neighbor dig the snow out of his driveway.
  • Get back to nature. Going for a walk in the park or the woods helps many people who are feeling overwhelmed to feel better.
  • Inject the Antidote. Nearly everyone has one or more “toxic” relationships in their lives – relatives or friends/acquaintances who are relentlessly negative and/or needy.  Find and “inject” the “antidote” relationships during this season.  Consciously spend time with those people who are positive and supportive.

It might be easy to forget how challenging this time of year can be for people, but it’s also easy to remember you can help by being a positive influence to everyone you meet.  After all, Christmas is about giving and serving, not about getting.

Cowboy Boot Christmas


Have a giving and positive Christmas season and don’t let your horse come home without ya!


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