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I thought I’d leave you with a cowboy poem I wrote back in 2003 and which was published online by the good folks at CowboyPoetry.com, the best dad-gum cowboy poetry website in the world.

ImageHonorable Mention (by Lincoln Rogers, 2003)

I hear the name of “Cowboy,”
Thrown about the world today.
By the sneer on those who say it,
It ain’t respect they aim to pay.

Their voices drip with insult,
As they mock those of the West.
The ones in times of trouble,
Who weren’t afraid to face a test.

Every time I hear the term,
It does remind me of those men.
Sweat and blood spilled on the earth,
Before they’d saddle up again.

There were lawmen with a badge,
Like Wyatt Earp and Masterson.
Or Jesse James and Billy the Kid,
Two outlaw heroes on the run.

But the image I can’t shake,
Its picture branded in my mind.
Is horse and rider on the trail,
Through day and night and storm unkind.

Those ‘pokes did work I can’t imagine,
Riding mounts close as a brother.
Running cattle through the plains,
And lookin’ out for one another.

I’ve read their tales and history,
And I believe the words are true.
Men tough enough to work the range,
Were not the many but the few.

So when you speak that sacred title,
About a Pard with boots and hat.
To honor those who rode before us,
Make sure you smile when you say that.

Have a great day and don’t let your horse come home without ya!


You can find Lincoln’s online Fine Art Photography here