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Okay – maybe my name won’t be front and center…

I was blessed to be able to schedule another editorial photography and interview appointment yesterday (September 10, 2021) in order to do a second story on the massive construction project on the grounds of the National Western Stock Show.

Lincoln Rogers after signing a beam at the CSU Spur construction site – September 10, 2021. Didn’t realize I was rocking the hard hat at such a jaunty angle until after the pic. 🙂

This story will focus on Colorado State University’s (CSU) presence and partnership on the site and its agricultural implications for the state of Colorado. But I also got to sign one of the construction beams that will be placed near the top of CSU’s “Hydro” building, which should be completed sometime in 2022. So I guess my name will be IN the building, rather than on it.

Pretty cool bonus after the tour, though! Now the Hydro building will always produce a smile whenever I see it in the future as that is as close as I will ever get to having my name on a building.

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